The Power of Design

Design is a creative visualization of all the world has to offer.

Design is all around us and in every aspect of our life. It is what draws us to a particular product, motivates us to act and creates an emotional response.

Design is just one aspect of obtaining a positive user experience. It draws attention to initiate engagement. UI/UX are the keystones to ensure a positive experience and obtain brand loyality.

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Typography Design

Visual link of how typography is structured.

Typography is the foundational element that provids cohesion between the written and visual message.

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Identity Design

Visual link of the process used for identity design.

Identity is more than a logo, it is the ability to create an emotional
 connection to a company or product that instills loyalty.

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Process Design

Visual link showing how to create a process.

Research is an integral part of the design process.

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Marketing Design

Visual link showing the process of marketing design.

Marketing design is the ability to create outside your own personal choice of style,
 daring to explore the endless possibilities to connect the client and the consumer.

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Publication Design

Visual link showing the process of publication design.

Publication is the exploration of words and images to create designs that support
 the written message..

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Package Design

Visual link showing the process of package design.

Packaging wraps art around a container, creating a visual appeal to the consumer's eye.

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As an individual who strives to constantly challenge myself to expand my knowledge and skill, I acknowledge those who have openly shared and mentored me along the way. You'll notice that my sites extend that same courtesy. Not only do I show the final product, I discuss my process and share how I achieved the results.

Enjoy these resume and portfolio links which demonstrates my professional, creative art, photography and exploratory work. Portfolio sites are sites that I have designed and developed. Viewing the code on these sites will provide you with a reference to my coding style.

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