User Objective

To obtain information about Azinis fashion design schools.


Azinis in the gateway into the fashion industry.


  • Demonstrate expertise in fashion design as a graduate from Azinis.
  • Demonstrate internship programs which is a part of the Azinis curriculum.
  • Provide tuition and financing options for Azinis fashion design school.

Define Strategy

  • Develop display banners to be used at job fairs and other key location where potential students may be found.
  • Create a cohesive marketing campaign with flyers, brochures in print and digital pieces.
  • Develop digital marketing campaign to send to potential students.
  • Develop social media marketing campaign targeting potential students.
  • Establish open house tours of Azinis schools.
Image of three display stands showing banners for a trade show conference.
Banner for Visual Merchandising
Banner for Fashion Apparel
Banner for Textile Design
Banner for Fashion Merchandising
Banner for Fashion Design
Banner for contact information.