Typography Design

Typography is the secret weapon to good design.

While we may all be familiar with traditional typography of tracking and kerning, as shown in the illustration to the right, we may not be as familiar with using fonts and letters to create typograpy art.

Below is a sample of what can be done with font and letters. All the lines, patterns, shape, space and textures are created exclusively by selecting different fonts and letters. Line, pattern and shape were created in black and white for demonstration purposes. Color was added to space and texture to enhance the example.

Typography Art made with:

  • Line
  • Pattern
  • Shape
  • Space
  • Texture
Typography design showing elements of typography.
Typography art using font for lines creating a woman.
Typography art using font to make intricate patterns.
Typography art using font to create flowers in a vase shapes.
Typography art using font to create an abstract art to demonstrate space.
Typography art using font to create texture.