Branding Identity

Identity is more than a logo, it is the ability to create an emotional
 connection to a company or product that instills loyalty.

Branding identity is a combination of understanding the company objective and the user of the product
 or services. While it is important to design a look that meets the objective and style of the company, consideration for how the user will engage with the brand has to be considered. Stake holders may love
 the identity, but if it doesn't resonate with the individuals using their product or services, it
 defeats the purpose.

Researching who the target audience will be is a critical step it formulating an identity. What message
 will the identity communicate to the user? Is it the desired message? Once the message has been defined,
 conceptualization through sketches can be roughed out to explore possibilities.

When the conceptualization design has incorporated strategy and touchpoints, designing the identity can begin.

Identity process design.

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