Package Design

 Packaging wraps art around a container, creating a visual appeal to the consumer's eye.

Successful packaging design begins with a thorough understanding of the end user. What is their objective?
 How can their objective been enhanced through our packaging? What will provide our package design the ability
 to stand out on a shelf?

Budget and Strategy planning are the next phase in packaging design. These are vital to continue to the next
 phase of the process. Budget constraints have to be taken into consideration before conceptualization can begin.
 There is no need to conceptualize a design made in platinum if the budget requires cardboard.

Concept exploration is usually done with sketching, this is a quick and inexpensive method to fine tune the
 packaging possibilities. Once a concept has been selected, prototyping begins. Prototyping takes the two dimension
 concept and puts it into three dimension form.

The prototype package is then placed in front of research participants to observe their reaction and interaction.
 Observations and feedback are provided to the development team. This allows for adjustments to be made before a full launch of the final packaging is placed in front of the consumer.

Packagin process design.
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