User Objective

To obtain information about the services offered by Bohlin Landscaping.


Create your own paradise with Bohlin Landscaping.


  • Provide potential clients with visuals of past client work.
  • Demonstrate to potential clients that Bohlin Landscaping is a professional and affordable resource for all their landscaping needs.
  • Instill confidence and rapport with potential clients.

Define Strategy

  • Develop branding that is clean and modern.
  • Create a cohesive marketing campaign with flyers, brochures in print and digital pieces.
  • Develop digital marketing campaign to send to potential clients.
  • Develop social media marketing campaign targeting potential clients.
  • Develop billboard displays that will attract potential clients.
Bohlin Billboard Design
Bohlin logo shown on t-shirts and business vehicles
Bohlin identity design for business cards,
             envelopes, stationary and folders.