Casa Fiesta

User Objective

To purchase Mexican spices to use in dishes that creates an authentic Mexican flavor.

Strategy Planning

To create visual appeal for the consumer, we need to create a package design that engages the consumer.

  • What type of container will enhance the beauty of our spices?
  • What is the functionality of the container for the consumer?
  • Will our product be designed so the consumer will keep it on the counter, rather than inside a shelf?
  • Will packaging allow our product to have visibility when on the shelf?

Concept Exploration

  • Container should be functional as well as fit nicely in the hand.
  • Container should reveal the beauty of the spices.
  • Labeling should allow consumer to view the spices before purchasing.
  • Entire packaging should be visually appealing and representative on the company brand.
Casa Fiesta spice bottles label design.
Casa Fiesta spice bottles front package design.
Casa Fiesta spice bottles back package design.