deVinci Marketing

User Objective

To have a shopping experience with high quality merchandise and customer service.

Define the Problem

The deVinci experience brings the European fashion week to the downtown shopping experience.

Develop Process

  • Research target audience and determine the top three marketing areas.
  • Create a marketing campaign that reflects the deVinci identity brand.
  • Create an in store atmosphere of refinement and elegance.
DeVinci Magazine Ad
DeVinci storefront window display with mannequin in skirt suit.
DeVinci storefront window display with mannequin in a pantsuit

deVinci Packaging

User Objective

To purchase quality fine apparel from the DeVinci company.

Strategy Planning

Incorporate packaging into the shopping marketing campaign.

  • Create DeVinci marketing campaign to reward shoppers with a DeVinci bag when purchasing our new line of shoes.
  • Create cohesion between our shoe packaging and the DeVinci bag.
  • Incorporate elements of our new shoe line into the countertop gift card display to promote our new shoe line.
  • To ensure that all packaging and marketing adheres to the DeVinci brand.

Concept Exploration

  • DeVinci bag to be made out of a tapestry design with rich green coloring.
  • New shoe line packaging should reflect the same tapestry feel and coloring.
  • Counter gift card display should be reflective of new shoe line coloring.
  • Entire packaging should be visually appealing and representative on the company brand.
DeVinci promotional bag, designed and sewn by Carin Camen.
DeVinci shoe packaging design.
DeVinci gift card and display design.