Froggie Storybook

Froggie is a children's book which tells a story about the adventure of Froggie who is having to move to a new city. As Froggie shares his fears about making new friends, he shows what he does to overcome those fears.

Throughout the story, children are asked to reflect on how they feel about Froggie's choices and if they would make the same choice.


Froggie Packaging

User Objective

To purchase a fun educational toy for their child.

Strategy Planning

Create a line of educational toy figures with supporting books and games.

  • What type of characters will be appealing to our target audience?
  • How will we differentiate our characters from our competitions?
  • How can we incorporate our character's into other products for the consumer?
  • Can we develop both physical and digital products around our characters?

Concept Exploration

  • Create the character Carillu who explores real life situations as a child through her friends, which are various toys.
  • Carillu's friends take her into their make believe world, while showing her real life situations. This teaches her life skills.
  • Story books, coloring books, board games are complementary products to the Carillu line.
  • Froggie, is Carillu's best friend, we will premier our introduction of our toy line with Froggie.
  • Digital games, app and websites will be developed as part of the Carillu and Friends toy line.
Package design showing Froggie boardgame, game pieces and packaging,
                storybook, Froggie toy with packaging.
Froggie board game design.