North Craft

User Objective

To obtain information about the services offered by Northcraft Painting.


Northcraft is your interior and exterior painting resource.


  • Provide potential clients with interactive tools to take the guesswork out of paint color selection.
  • Assist clients in overcoming their apprehension of selecting the wrong colors.
  • Instill confidence in using Northcraft company.

Define Strategy

  • Develop branding identity that reflects Northcrafts company image.
  • Develop target marketing audience campaign utilizing print and digital methods.
  • Develop interactive website where potential clients can view how a room will look with different wall color combinations.
  • Develop app to assist clients in color selection.
  • Develop billboard displays that will attract potential clients.
Northcraft bus stop ad design.
Northcraft billboard design, logo design on t-shirts and vehicles.
Northcraft business cards, stationary, envelopes and folder designs.