User Objective

To purchase flower bulbs for gardening.

Strategy Planning

To provide packaging style that is unique enough to engage customer into product and purchase selection.

  • What type of container will provide bulb packaging without having it spill onto display and store floor?
  • How is our visual appeal different from the competition?
  • Will our packaging engage an emotional response with the consumer?
  • What emotional response are we trying to engage the consumer?

Concept Exploration

  • Container should resolve the problem that is associated with most bulb packaging in that it spills debris onto store display and creates more work for store owners to stock product.
  • Container should provide planting instruction for consumer to follow.
  • Labeling should create an emotional through visual and color palette.
  • Packaging should complement company brand and provide cohesion with marketing of product.
Revo front packaging design.
Revo back packaging design.