Simply Sweets

User Objective

To purchase fine candy sweets from a local sweet shop.

Strategy Planning

To create packaging that is reminiscent of an old fashion candy shop, with a modern edge.

  • What type of container will bring the past and present together?
  • What color scheme will be conducive to the Simply Sweet brand?
  • Will photography or illustration be the best approach for the candy visuals?
  • Can packaging have a chohesive look, while still maintaining an individual style?

Concept Exploration

  • Packaging should have a cohesive look, but maintain an individual style for each candy category.
  • Packaging should create an emotional response of positive childhood memories.
  • Packaging should bring together, days of past while still provide a modern feel.
  • Entire packaging and labeling should be expandable for future products with minimal cost.
Simply Sweets eclair packaging design.
Simply Sweets petite fours packaging design.
Simply Sweets chocolate dipped strawberries packaging design.
Simply Sweets truffles packaging design.