Wild Claw

User Objective

To find a unique theatre experience.


Wild Claw Theatre isn't for your mom and dad.


  • Engage user with activities outside of the theatre experience to increase interest in attending theatre.
  • Demonstrate through apps, the unique Wild Claw Theatre experience.
  • Engage target audience by developing a virtual Wild Claw Theatre interactive games.

Define Strategy

  • Develop branding identity that connects with target audience.
  • Develop target marketing audience campaign focusing on digital methods.
  • Develop interactive website to engage target audience with the Wild Claw experience.
  • Develop app to engage target audience with social events and activities.
  • Develop street signs displays that will attract target audience.
Wildclaw wall display ad.
Wildclaw logo, street banner ad, logo on t-shirts and vehicles.
Wildclaw business cards, stationary, envelope and folder designs.