User Objective

To find a masculine hair style salon which understands the male grooming needs and desired male salon experience.


Zymen Salons - an experience not found in your wife's or mother's salons.


  • Create a unique male focused salon experience.
  • Provide an atmosphere that attracts the target audience of professional males 35 - 65.
  • Establish Zymens as the salon for the professional male.

Define Strategy

  • Develop branding identity that targets the professional male audience.
  • Develop target marketing audience campaign utilizing print and digital methods.
  • Develop website that demonstrates the unique difference one will experience at Zymens.
  • Develop app to assist in scheduling appointments and provide clients with fashion and grooming advice.
  • Develop packaging to reflect the Zymen identity.
Zymen storefront design.
Zymen packaging designs.
Zymen business card, letterhead and brochure designs.